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Untitled (Boxer) is a neo-Expressionist painting by the painter and street artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Hailing from New York City, Basquiat is as famous for the paintings that he exhibited in US galleries as he is for the street art that he sprayed all over Manhattan as part of the renowned graffiti duo named SAMO 'Boxer' was created in 1982 by Jean-Michel Basquiat in Neo-Expressionism style. Find more prominent pieces of figurative at Wikiart.org - best visual art database Jul 31, 2017 - Learn more about Untitled Boxer by Jean-Michel Basquiat. This is an unofficial, not for profit website devoted to the famous New York Graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat was a noted Haitian-American artist, musician, and producer from New York City. He first achieved notice as part of SAMO, which was an informal graffiti group who were noted for their enigmatic epigrams throughout the Lower East Side of Manhattan during the late 1970s, where the street art, hip-hop, and post-punk movements co-mingled

Jean-Michel Basquiat fue el primero de los tres hijos de Matilde Andrades [2] y Gerard Basquiat. [3] Tuvo dos hermanas, Lisane, nacida en 1964, y Jeanine, nacida en 1967. [ 2 ] Su padre era un contable haitiano de respetable solvencia económica y su madre una diseñadora gráfica puertorriqueña [ 1 ] de gran prestigio en su profesión Disclaimer: Jean-Michel-Basquiat.org is a personal website covering the career of famous American painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, but is in no way an official website for Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jean-Michel-Basquiat.org does not claim to be that in any way. The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat and their presence hold all necessary copyrights and.

The Arts Those familiar with Jean-Michel Basquiat shouldn't be surprised that the gone-too-soon graffiti-cum-Neo-expressionist used boxers as a recurring theme. Born in Brooklyn to Haitian and Puerto Rican parents, Basquiat grew up on the hardscrabble streets of New York City where he confronted racism and learned firsthand the realities of the socio-economic struggle of the working class Un lienzo de Jean-Michel Basquiat logró hoy el precio más elevado, 110,5 millones de dólares (99 millones de euros), en la subasta nocturna de arte contemporáneo realizada en Nueva York por la casa Sotheby's y que marcó un nuevo récord para el autor.Basquiat (1960-1988), de padre haitiano y madre puertorriqueña, consiguió con su obra Untitled de 1982 una marca histórica para su. Ayer, el billonario japonés Yusaku Maezawa rompió un récord al adquirir el cuadro Untitled de Jean-Michel Basquiat por la increíble suma de $110.5 millones de dólares durante una subasta realizada por Sotheby's. Es la obra de más valor alguna vez vendida por un artista norteamericano, y la primera en más de cuatro décadas en rebasar la barrera de los 100 millones de dólares Realizada por el pintor de Brooklyn, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled es la obra de la semana elegida para dar gusto a todos los amantes del arte y para quienes buscan ampliar su conocimiento cultural

Un lienzo de Jean-Michel Basquiat logró hoy el precio más elevado, 110,5 millones de dólares (99 millones de euros), en la subasta nocturna de arte contemporáneo realizada en Nueva York por la. Available for sale from michael lisi / contemporary art, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Boxer Rebellion (1982), Screenprint in colors on BFK rives paper, 29 × 39 1 Jean-Michel Basquiat (Brooklyn, Nueva York; 22 de diciembre de 1960 - Manhattan, Nueva York; 12 de agosto de 1988) fue un artista, poeta, músico, dibujante y pintor estadounidense. Basquiat fue el primero de los tres hijos de Matilde Andrades (28-7-1934 - 17-11-2008) y Gerard Basquiat (nacido en 1930) From The Broad Collection: Jean‐Michel Basquiat, Untitled, 1981, acrylic and oilstick on canvas, The Eli and Edythe L. Broad Collection. Many of Jean-Michel Basquiat's paintings are in some way autobiographical, and Untitled may be considered a form of self-portraiture. The skull here exists somewhere between life and death. The eyes are listless, the face is sunken in, and the head looks. Jean-Michel Basquiat (French: [ʒɑ̃ miʃɛl baskija]; December 22, 1960 - August 12, 1988) was an American artist of Haitian and Puerto Rican descent. Basquiat first achieved fame as part of SAMO, an informal graffiti duo who wrote enigmatic epigrams in the cultural hotbed of the Lower East Side of Manhattan during the late 1970s, where rap, punk, and street art coalesced into early hip.

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  1. Boxer Rebellion by Jean-Michel Basquiat Known as a political-poetical graffiti artist, Basquiat's body of work is a Neo-Expressionist and Primitivism aesthetic. Encoding a series of words and symbols, Basquiat represents elements of his cultural heritage as a social commentary on racial segregation and alienation
  2. Quelques mots sur Jean-Michel Basquiat. Le monde s'arrache Basquiat depuis des années déjà. Il n'avait même pas 20 ans que les galeries new-yorkaises le considéraient déjà comme un vrai prodige
  3. A poet, musician, and graffiti prodigy in late-1970s New York, Jean-Michel Basquiat had honed his signature painting style of obsessive scribbling, elusive symbols and diagrams, and mask-and-skull imagery by the time he was 20. I don't think about art while I work, he once said. I think about life
  4. Jean-Michel Basquiat (22. prosince 1960 New York - 12. srpna 1988) byl americký malíř s haitskými kořeny. Proslavil se nejdříve v New Yorku jako autor graffiti a později, v 80. letech, také jako neo-expresionista
  5. Jean Michel Basquiat had a consistent methodology when creating his artwork. No matter what his art consist of, each piece seemed to have the same technique. In Basquiats work, Untitled (Boxer), it looks like a black man with broad shoulders, a thin hip, boxing gloves, big helmet, and a white background with random colored lines.
  6. 3/dez/2016 - Boxer Rebellion, de Jean Michel Basquiat. I pin contemporary abstract art paintings, portraits, sculpture & photography that use fluid art, pour-painting, or process artINSPIRATION FOR MY OWN ART
  7. Jean-Michel Basquiat's Untitled from 1984 highlights the polyvocal lexicon that became the foundation of his trademark style. An encyclopedic display of symbols, text, signs, and signifiers, the work unfurls a narrative amidst the anatomical drawings that encompass it. Originally a graffiti artist in the subways of New York City, Basquiat.

Jean-Michel Basquiat (født 22. desember 1960, død 12. august 1988) var en amerikansk kunstner.. Basquiat var en av de første afroamerikanske kunstnere som vant aksept i det institusjonaliserte kunstlivet i USA. Han arbeidet hovedsakelig med maleri inspirert av graffiti og såkalt street art, og han ble en viktig profil innenfor 1980-tallets «heftige maleri» og nyekspresjonisme Untitled. acrylic and white chalk on paper 14 1/4 x 22 7/8 in. (36.2 x 58.3 cm.) Executed circa 1981-1982. This work is recorded in the Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat under number 60284; a scan of the certificate of authenticity can be obtained on request. Estimate $300,000 - 400,000 sold for $325,000. Shipping Quot

Basquiat, Boxer Rebellion. Basquiat, Boy and dog in a Johnnypump - 1982. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Sabado por la Noche (Saturday Night), 1984 Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tête Sans titre, 1983. Jean-michel Basquiat, The Ring 1981. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled, 1982. Jm Basquiat Paramount. JM Basquiat, Pierre et le loup, 1985. JM Basquiat, Roi. Executed in Modena, Italy, in the prime year of Basquiat's short and brilliant career, Untitled is an epic painting, its monumental size and visceral energy. Jean-Michel Basquiat's Untitled, 1981, seethes with the emotional expressivity and palpable energy that distinguishes it as an exceptional masterwork on paper. Executed in the seminal year of 1981 as one of the earliest examples of portraiture in Basquiat's oeuvre, this drawing anticipates the artist's increased focus on the subject matter in the ensuing year, in many ways setting the. ♫ Apocalyptica « fade to black » de l'album Inquisition symphony Jean-Michel Basquiat, né à Brooklyn le 22 décembre 1960, mort le 12 août 1988 à SoHo, est un..

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Artwork Details: Boxer Rebellion (2018), 18-color Screenprint. The print dimensions measure: 29 x 39.5 in. / 73.66 x 100.33 cm. About the Artwork: Released in 2018, the 18 color screenprint of Jean-Michel Basquiat's, Boxer Rebellion was created in a limited edition series of only 60 pieces Jean-Michel Basquiat's Boxer Rebellion Created in 1982-1983, Jean-Michel Basquiat's Boxer Rebellion is a great example of the artist's style and subjects. The work shows two boxers engaged in battle, surrounded by references to anatomy, boxing, the Chinese Boxer Rebellion, and film Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled boxer (1982) 6. Hollywood Africans, 1983. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hollywood africans (1983) 7. In Italian, 1983. Jean-Michel Basquiat, In italian (1983) 8. King Alphonso, 1983. Jean-Michel Basquiat, King Alphonso (1983) A Collaboration like no other with Andy Warhol

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Jean-Michel Basquiat Boxer Rebellion. 2018. Screenprint. 74 x 101 cm. View more artworks by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Enquire. Share. facebook (opens in a new window) twitter (opens in a new window) pinterest (opens in a new window) tumblr (opens in a new window) London, UK. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled, 1982 • Crédits : Fondation Louis Vuitton Quand on rêve d'art jours et nuits, lorsque l'on aime les artistes, on a envie que surgissent dans le paysage de l'art une comète, une surprise, un jaillissement inattendu Boxer Rebellion, 1983, Jean-Michel Basquiat Medium: acrylic,charcoal,crayon,pastel,penci The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat is pleased to announce the release of a new 18-color Basquiat screenprint titled Boxer Rebellion (1982-83 / 2018), published by Flatiron Editions. Boxer Rebellion, based on a work on paper created in 1982-83, depicts two boxers with stylized anatomical features exchanging blows, surrounded by references to. JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT. 1960 - 1988. UNTITLED (HEAD) oilstick, ink and acrylic on paper. 29 ¾ by 22 in. 75.6 by 55.9 cm. Executed in 1982

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  1. From left, Untitled (Sugar Ray Robinson), 1982, and Untitled (Boxer), 1982, both in acrylic and oilstick on canvas. Basquiat concentrated on the human figure and many of the works in.
  2. Jean Michel Basquiat's style is radically different from other fine artists. His style is so unique is because he pulls from a diverse range of influences. Here are some examples to prove my point. Have you ever seen work like this? Image: Untitled (1982), Jean Michel Basquiat. Image: Cabeza, Jean Michel Basquiat. Image: Ashes, Jean Michel.
  3. The moment one Canadian artist comes face to face with his idol, Jean-Michel Basquiat's masterpiece - Duration: 2:32. The Globe and Mail 1,364 view
  4. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Derelict, 1982, Acryl, Ölfarbe, Ölkreide auf Holz und Metall, 203.2 x 208.3 cm (Privatsammlung) Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled (Boxer), 1982, Acryl und Ölkreide auf Leinen, 193 x 239 cm (Privatsammlung

Dustheads, Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1982, Acrylic, oil stick, spray enamel and metallic paint on canvas, 182.8 x 213.3 cm, Courtesy to the artist ©Jean-Michel Basquiat Untitled (Fallen Angel), Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1981, Acrylic and oil stick on canvas, 167.6 x 198.1 cm, Courtesy to the artist ©Jean-Michel Basquiat Bursts of popping, punchy, fast-paced, slap-dash imagery whirl across the sleek and snowy-white canvas of Jean-Michel Basquiat's painting, Big Snow.Executed in 1984, the work pays homage to the great sporting legend Jesse Owens, who brought home four gold medals in the controversial 1936 Olympic Games in Nazi-era Berlin Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) starb mit 27 Jahren, seine Biografie vom Schulabbrecher, Graffiti-Sprayer, ersten afro-amerikanischen Maler, Freund Warhol Untitled Jean-Michel Basquiat 1982. View in Augmented Reality. View in Street View. Mart, Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto Rovereto, Italy. Details. Title: Untitled; Creator: Jean-Michel Basquiat; Jean-Michel Basquiat. Enamel paint. Glass. Oil paint. Vitreous enamel 31-mar-2016 - Explora el tablero Jean Michel Basquiat de Morfología 1 Longinotti, que 1261 personas siguen en Pinterest. Ver más ideas sobre Jean michel basquiat, Arte contemporaneo, Artistas

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  1. d some of the most striking modern art of the 20th century. After
  2. Jean-Michel Basquiat ([basˈkja] * 22. Dezember 1960 in New York City; † 12. August 1988 ebenda) war ein US-amerikanischer Künstler, Maler und Zeichner. Er war der erste afroamerikanische Künstler, der in der hauptsächlich weißen Kunstwelt den Durchbruch schaffte. Der gängigen Einordnung als Graffitikünstler widersprach Basquiat: Ich bin kein Teil der Graffitikunst
  3. Dans la belle Fondation Louis Vuitton, se déroule pour encore quelques jours l'exposition Jean-Michel Basquiat. J'ai enfin trouvé un peu de temps pour la visiter, c'est tellement « rare » que je ne voulais pas la louper. Je vous invite à la lecture de cet article dans lequel je vais revenir sur l'exposition à moins que
  4. g options on all prints! Untitled (Boxer) Jean-Michel Basquiat. Giclee Print. 12 x 9, Multiple Sizes. From. $22. ISBN Jean-Michel Basquiat. Giclee Print. 9 x 12, Multiple Sizes.
  5. Following the waves of Minimalism and Conceptual art at the end of the 20th Century, Jean-Michel Basquiat stood out as a figurative painter. At that moment figuration was a discredited genre and seemed spent

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Jean-michel basquiat - untitled (boxer) (1982) 10 comments. share. save hide report. 91% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. best top new controversial old q&a. level 1. SkinnyHusky. 6 points · 1 year ago. Not actually a boxer. level 1 [deleted] 4 points · 1 year ago. I like. Sep 6, 2018 - jimlovesart: Jean-Michel Basquiat - untitled, 1984. Jean-Michel Basquiat Reproductions & Prints. Sort by Most Relevan

Jean Michel Basquiat (top) Untitled Boxer, 1982 (2nd) Untitled Skull, 1981 (3rd) Cabeza, 1981 (4th) Jean Michel Basquiat & Andy Warhol photograph by Michael Halsband, 1985 (bottom) Posted by C BERMAN at 3:23 PM 28 mars 2019 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Tableaux sur toile. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les Jean-Michel Basquiat's life was tragically short, having died in 1988 at the age of 27. But in the roughly 10 years that Basquiat made art, his vision of contemporary Blackness and potent brand.

Jean-Michel Basquiat était un artiste américano-haïtien, musicien et producteur de la ville de New York. Il a d'abord obtenu une notice dans le cadre du SAMO, qui était un groupe de graffiti informel et qui a été connu pour leurs épigrammes énigmatiques dans le Lower East Side de Manhattan à la fin des années 1970, où les mouvements artistiques urbain, hip-hop, et post-punk combinés Jean-Michel Basquiat Fan account of Neo-Expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Basquiat's art focused on suggestive dichotomies, such as wealth versus poverty, integration versus segregation, and inner versus outer experience Jean-Michel Basquiat's painting Victor 25448 is heading to auction with a valuation of $10million (£9.1m).. Basquiat, whose work often acted as a social commentary of the climate he lived in, attempted to act as the springboard to deeper truths about the individual A Fundação Brant abriga em seu espaço em Nova York uma exposição de obras de Jean-Michel Basquiat que pode ser visitada por tour virtual.A mostra tem curadoria de Dieter Buchhart e ilustra a carreira produtiva, porém breve, de Basquiat e uma ampla gama de assuntos, especialmente suas observações perspicazes de seu mundo contemporâneo, ao mesmo tempo que dá uma visão sobre sua.

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Nov 11, 2018 - Jean-Michel Basquiat | Boxer Rebellion (1982-2018) | Available for Sale | Arts Jean-Michel Basquiat Untitled 1983 Not on view; Medium Screenprint on canvas Dimensions composition and overall: 57 5/8 x 75 9/16 (146.4 x 192 cm) Publisher New City Editions, Venice, CA Printer New City Editions, Venice, CA Edition 10 Credit Gift of Max and Dorothy Fenmore. Untitled (boxer) Jean Michel Basquiat HD Canvas Print Home Decor Wall Art. £10.74 to £32.20. Free postage. Hollywood Africans Jean Michel Basquiat HD Canvas Print Home Decor Wall Art. £10.74 to £28.62. Free postage. Jean Michel Basquiat St Buzzard Canvas Print 16 x 20 #3961. £26.49 Contrast and dichotomy were a hallmark of the work that Jean-Michel Basquiat created in his short life. With a particular interest in the human experience, his pieces investigated the sharp contrasts in the world around us. Jean-Michel Basquiat. Boxer Rebellion, 1982-2018. sold. Jean-Michel Basquiat. Ascent, Olympic, Leeches, Liberty, 1982. The Estate Prints by Basquiat. This collection of Estate Prints includes some of Jean- Michel Basquiat's most highly desirable and collectible artworks. Fascinated by anatomy from a young age (his mother gave him a copy of Gray's Anatomy when he was 7), heads and skulls became recurring images in Basquiat's work in the early 1980's

Jean Michel Basquiat Untitled Boxer Print 11x17 Neo-Expressionism Art Poster. $20.00. Jean Michel Basquiat Irony of the Negro Policeman 11x17 Print Artist Poster. $25.00. 24Wx26H UNTITLED 1982 by JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT Smaller Repro - CHOICES of CANVAS. $160.65. Was: Previous Price $189.00 Jean-Michel Basquiat was an urban artist, a street artist, and a gallery painter whose work helped to break the boundary between street art and gallery art. He was extremely prolific in his time as an artist, creating hundreds of beautiful works that have continued to resonate with an extremely diverse audience Christie's to offer Jean-Michel Basquit' s ultimate masterpieces 20 Sep, 2012, 06.24 PM IST. Christie's will offer masterpieces by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Untitled, which has been in collection for almost two decades Andy Warhol & Jean-Michel Basquiat 250. Paper Size: 38x28cm/11x15in Press Size: 31x23cm/09x12i May 18, 2013 - Explore Art Teacher's board Jean Michel Basquiet, followed by 328 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Jean michel, Jean michel basquiat, Basquiat

More recently, in 2017, the Barbican Centre in London exhibited 'Basquiat: Boom for Real', the first large-scale exhibition in the UK of the work of the American artist. In May 2017, at a Sotheby's auction, Basquiat's 1982 painting 'Untitled' set a new record high for any U.S. artist at auction, selling for $110,500,000 Einzigartige Jean Michel Basquiat Poster bestellen Von Künstlern designt und verkauft Hochwertiger Druck Bilder für Wohnzimmer, Schlafzimmer und mehr

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  1. Jean-Michel Basquiat, född 22 december 1960 i Brooklyn i New York, död 12 augusti 1988 på Manhattan i New York, var en amerikansk konstnär.Han var och är känd inom graffiti och neoexpressionism.. Jean-Michel Basquiat, som på fädernet härstammade från Haiti, var en av de första afroamerikanska konstnärerna som blev accepterade och kända i amerikanskt konstliv
  2. Jean-Michel Basquiat's paintings of boxers are among his most personally and politically charged subjects. In the figure of the Black boxer, Basquiat found an alluring icon of self-made power, a hero for the modern era, an athletic champion who manages to triumph in a world where the odds were firmly stacked against him in the form of deep-seated racial prejudices
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  4. ated art world. Close friends with many stars including Madonna, Debbie Harry, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol, in August 1988 he tragically died of a drug overdose - h
  5. Jean-Michel Basquiat conquered the mainstream art world in 1981, when an Artforum profile by Rene Ricard dubbed him the love child of Cy Twombly and Jean Dubuffet. Basquiat brought with him a visual lexicon of graffiti symbols and urban rage--an artistic style that many critics of the day deemed more eye-sore than art form
  6. Created in 1982—a particularly important moment in the career of Jean-Michel Basquiat, after his discovery as an artist, and before his period of maximum productivity—Man from Naples is an essential work for understanding the development of Basquiat's painting during the 1980s. In Man from Naples, the artist apparently regarded the entire surface of the canvas as a big blackboard where he.
  7. In March 2019, The Brant Foundation will inaugurate its East Village space with an expansive survey of works by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Jean-Michel Basquiat is curated by Peter M. Brant, founder of The Brant Foundation, and Dr. Dieter Buchhart, who curated the iteration of the exhibition currently on view at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

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Biographie Enfance. Jean-Michel Basquiat [2], [3] naît à New York, à Brooklyn, le 22 décembre 1960.Sa mère Matilde est new-yorkaise d'origine portoricaine [4], et son père Gérard est d'origine haïtienne [5].Jean-Michel a deux jeunes sœurs : Lisane, née en 1964, et Jeanine, née en 1967 [6].Enfant précoce, il apprend à lire et à écrire à quatre ans et parle couramment trois. Jean-Michel Basquiat Reproductions & Prints. Sort by Most Relevant All Items Exclusives. product types. Framed Art. Prints. Refine by. size Untitled Jean-Michel Basquiat. Giclee Print. 12 x 16 in Customize. $22.00. Add to Cart. Get it By Sep 3. Hollywood Africans, 1983 Jean-Michel Basquiat. Giclee Print. 18 x 18 in Customize The chance of seeing a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting in a museum is rare. It's even rarer to see a comprehensive exhibition of his works under one roof - but you can do so at the Mori Art. Modern & Contemporary Art Resource. Boxer Rebellion. Jean-Michel Basquiat Jean-Michel Basquiat est un artiste américain influent qui atteint la notoriété vers la fin des années 1970 et le début des années 1980. Il est reconnu pour avoir amené le graffiti dans le monde de la peinture aux côtés des artistes Keith Haring et Kenny Scharf.Le talent de Basquiat est inné, il ne finit pas le lycée, comme en témoignent ses premiers tags SAMO© dans le sud de New.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat - Untitled 1982 (Boxer) Poster Drucken (20, 96 x 14, 94 cm) günstig auf Amazon.de: Kostenlose Lieferung an den Aufstellort sowie kostenlose Rückgabe für qualifizierte Artike As his friend, fellow artist Francesco Clemente, explained: Jean-Michel's crown had three peaks, for his three royal lineages: the poet, the musician and the boxing champion. Born in 1960 of Haitian and Puerto-Rican descent, Basquiat was exposed to art by his mother and some of his teachers but received no formal art education

  1. Jean-Michel Basquiat art Untitled in 1982 Garmet Care: Wash in cold water, inside out in gentle cycle. Do not use bleach Dry at low temperature, or hang dry Iron inside out at low temperature. *** ALL SALES FINAL, No exchange or return **
  2. istrators of the artist's estate. This print, measuring 29 x 39 1/2 in. (73.7 x 100.3 cm), unframed and from the edition of 60 released in 2018, contains the stamp of the Estate of Jean-Michel.
  3. Jean-Michel Basquiat. Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) peintre figuratif américain est né à Brooklyn de mère portoricaine et de père d'ascendancehaïtienne.. . ce qui explique son nom de consonnance française.. Très jeune il visite très souvent le MoMa. en compagnie de sa mère. Artiste autodidacte, à 18 ans il abandonne le lycée et commence à couvrir les murs de Soho, ou de.
  4. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bruce Teleky Untitled, 1982 (Boxer) by Jean-Michel Basquiat 5.875x8.25 Art Print Poster at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users
  5. Although Basquiat's Untitled (Yellow Bone King) stayed closer to its low estimate at Christie's New York, selling for $26 million in 2013, it was described as one of the most important contemporary artworks of today and one of the most recognized paintings of Jean Michel Basquiat. A life-size painting, it shows a rather dramatic portrait of one of his black kings, skeletons, self.
  6. View this item and discover similar for sale at 1stdibs - 1982-2001 Screenprint in colors, on Saunders paper Sheet: 40 x 40 inches Edition of 85 Numbered in pencil, with the estate stamp, and signed and date

稍早 Fair Fair 正式宣佈該 App 以 $1,080 萬美元的價格成交了 Jean-Michel Basquiat《Untitled》(1982 年)的作品,這是 App 內部銷售價格的最高紀錄。該作品. Distopía | Jean-Michel BasquiatJ.M. Basquiat poseía una cierta curiosidad intelectual y sentía una verdadera fascinación por el expresionismo abstracto, por los trazos gestuales de Franz Kline, por los primeros trabajos de Jackson Pollock, por las pinturas con figuras de De Kooning y por las caligrafías de Cy Twombly, todo lo cual, junto a sus raíces haitianas y portorriqueñas, le. Murales Basquiat Warhol God Law J.M. Basquiat Basquiat Basquiat Toxic J.M.Basquiat 1984 Untitle J.M.Basquiat 1982 Three Delegates J.M.Basquiat 1982 The Field Next To the Other Road J.M.Basquiat 1981 Susanne Mallouk e Basquiat Andy Warhol e Jean Michel Basquiat alla Tony Shafrazi Gallery in New York 198 The first REVEAL exhibition will open at Lévy Gorvy Hong Kong on July 7, 2020: Jean-Michel Basquiat: Royalty, Heroism, and the Streets brings a rare and exceptional painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat from his breakthrough year of 1982 and is the gallery's first presentation in Asia of the artist's work In 2017, Basquiat's untitled depiction of a skull sold for $110.5m, exceeding the $105m record for an American artist at auction set by Warhol's Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) in 2013

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Jean-Michel Basquiat - Boxer Rebellion - Rare 2018 Screenprint. £42,835.48. Free postage. or Best Offer. BASQUIAT STREET VINYL BANNER POSTER 2005 ANDY WARHOL MOCA Eames Era. £993.18. JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT Untitled 1984-85 Limited Edition High Quality Giclee Print. £37.90. Free postage B - Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) The work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, one of the most significant painters of the 20th century, is spread over four levels of Frank Gehry's building. The exhibition covers the painter's whole career, from 1980 to 1988, focusing on 120 defining works Jean-Michel Basquiat had a singular sense of style, and Lisane confirms that he loved fashion. He walked in the spring 1987 Comme des Garçons runway show in Paris—his favorite CDG piece, a. Jean-Michel Basquiat United States 1960-88 Untitled 1980 enamel, spray-paint and oilstick on enameled metal Whitney Museum of American Art, New York Gift of an anonymous donor (97.95) In February 1981, a landmark exhibition featuring early works by Haring and Basquiat, New York/New Wave, opened at the P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center (now MoM

American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat lived a short but prolific life, producing more than 1,000 paintings and 2,000 drawings in less than a decade. Thanks to his bold, Neo-Expressionist paintings. jean-michel basquiat artwork As a teenager, Basquiat created a buzz with his graffiti tag SAMO (which meant same old s**t), which he designed during high school with his friend Al Diaz. The tag appeared on buildings around lower Manhattan and Brooklyn between 1977 and 1980 and, as he later explained, it was supposed to be a logo. Jean Michel Basquiat Oil Painting on Canvas Profit I 1982 Abstract HUGE 16x32 C $42.51. Free shipping. C $3,662.68. shipping: + C $327.02 shipping . Almost gone. Jean Michel Basquiat Oil Painting on Canvas Untitled Abstract 24x48 C $45.77. Free shipping. Almost gone . Urban Street Art Painter JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT Poster Print Maya.

‘Jean-Michel Basquiat’ at the Brant Shows His BifurcatedBasquiat Masterpiece From The Collection Of Lars Ulrich ToART & ARTISTS: Jean-Michel BasquiatJean-Michel Basquiat Watch : Untitled 1984

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